Technology Consulting

A Letter to the Chief

Okay, so lets think about business and its computing environments. Its crucial that we no longer dis-associate the lack of systems/service availability with down-turns for your business. If its not costing your business money directly, it most certainly is indirectly. The notion that pricing must be sky-high to obtain a persistent, scalable infrastructure thats also versatile , is simply false. The core requirements for most high availability infrastructures havent changed in decades. To be effective, an organization must optimally configure an operating environment, enable a secure firewall, and meet data storage requirements while also balancing the load spanned over various resources. As technology consultants, our task is to rapidly deliver technical services to your organization, which is quite involved, when you consider the wide spectrum of challenges.

One must bare in mind that most technical service providers do not have


the consumers needs in their best interest. I personally have observed this inherent flaw in the industry for many years; as the users access is diminished, providers typically avoid compliance, as a result the typically fragile relationship/model beaks down. Never before has the market been poised for such a large-scale unification of resources to consumer demand. Today, companies like ours virtually manage the semantic whole, fusing the individual parts driving the industry for your enterprise.

Therefore, the question becomes, what drives expansion and why? We can shed some light on the issue. Your organizations growth is largely dependent on the preferences of its, often limited, management personnel. More often than not, the losses are rooted in strategy errors which are completely avoidable. As the leader you proceed by simply hiring the most qualified manager to the appointed seat. This option, in our opinion, has an immense amount of risk associated with it. We recommend, rather, to engage in a long term equitable contract with an established consultancy group, dedicated to the task at hand. One that has numerous years of combined experience equipped with a staff focused solely on managing your I.T. environment.

This is the point where management and its preferences are put to the test. To us, its not about taking an adversarial approach, making it us versus them. Its more akin to establishing a cohesion of talent that solidifies the bond between the user/consumer and service provider alike. We exist primarily to compliment your most valued assets, not to replace them. We urge you, grow with us, consequently we’ll enable your success on your next technological venture.



By James Duperry




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