Lockheed Martin(s lmt) is looking at several challenging applications for the quantum-computing hardware it has purchased from from D-Wave Systems, the New York Timesreported Friday. The use of quantum computing is a big deal because as we depend more on computing, we’re going to need different types of processors. Lockheed’s commercial use suggests that the probabilistic problem-solving approach and breakneck speed of quantum computing could be more widely adopted in the near future.

For the record, D-Wave and Lockheed formed their commercial relationship a couple of years ago, although at the time the defense contractor apparently didn’t discuss possible applications. Now there are some specifics on how Lockheed could employ its D-Wave computer, following projections on other types of applications.

Lockheed Martin will use its D-Wave computer “to create and test complex radar, space and aircraft systems,” the Times’ Quentin Hardy wrote. “It could be possible, for example, to…

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